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Classic TV: Jane (1982) and Jane in the Desert (1984)

Jane was the curvaceous comic strip heroine who helped to keep the British end up during World War II. She was the creation of cartoonist Norman Pett, who produced her adventures in serial form in the Daily Mirror newspaper from 1932 until 1959, originally as  Jane's Journal, The Diary of a Bright Young Thing . But it was during the Second World War that Jane reached the peak of her popularity. Jane's main distinguishing feature was her remarkable ability to keep losing her clothes. This usually happened at the most inopportune moments and no Jane  comic strip was complete without some kind of revealing wardrobe malfunction. But the shedding of her clothes was almost always accidental, meaning that Jane could just about maintain a sense of innocence among the comic strip's sauciness. Glynis Barber as Jane This added to her appeal for a generation of soldiers far from home as a perfect "English rose", combining charm, innocence, a plucky spirit of adventure and so