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This Island Earth (1955)

This Island Earth is a quintessential 1950s sci-fi film, with flying saucers, alien beings, strange planets and weird monsters. The film stars Rex Reason as leading scientist Dr. Cal Meacham. Meacham isn't one of those stuffy boring scientists. His job involves him flying fighter jets around and briefing hordes of journalists eager to know what major scientific problem he's working on next. Flying into an airfield where he's going to be doing some cool top secret scientific work, Meacham takes a few minutes to buzz the guys in the control tower first. As he flies towards them, they have to instinctively duck their heads. But they don't mind about him giving them a fright. They know what a great guy he is. As Meacham comes in to land on the runway, he finds that his plane's controls have mysteriously stopped working. His colleagues in the control tower can see that the plane has become enveloped in a strange green glow. Some mysterious force has taken control