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The Assassination Bureau Limited (1968)

This black comedy from the 1960s stars Oliver Reed and Diana Rigg, the latter in her first film starring role. Rigg plays Sonya Winter, an aspiring journalist in Edwardian England, who has uncovered the existence of a secret criminal organisation, The Assassination Bureau.  This, in fact, is Sonya's first story and she approaches the newspaper of Lord Bostwick (Telly Savalas) with a proposal to infiltrate this organisation. Bostwick is intrigued by the idea and can see the possibility of an excellent story. He has great faith in her and is willing to put his newspaper's considerable resources behind her. So Sonya makes contact with the Assassination Bureau and contracts them to carry out a murder. When she meets the head of the Bureau, Ivan Dragomiloff (Oliver Reed), a young Englishman of Russian extraction, he explains that they only carry out assassinations of those who are truly deserving. What are the sins of her intended victim?

Zeppelin (1971)

Zeppelin is an adventure film set during the peak of the Zeppelin menace in World War I. The giant new German airships are able to float over London at 9000 feet, dropping bombs on the city while flying far out of range of the British fighters or anti-aircraft guns.